Mobile App Development

[pricing price="1,297.00" currency="$" title="Basic" desc="Mobile Business App" moretext="Basic"
[feature] 5-10 Tabs [/feature]
[feature] Color Match Current Brand & Design [/feature]
[feature] Integrate Existing Logo [/feature]
[feature] GPS Technology for “Directions”, “Around Us”, “GPS Coupons” [/feature]
[feature] QR Codes for Apple, Android & HTML5 [/feature]
[pricing price="1,597.00" title="Enhanced" desc="Additional Custom Tabs" moretext="Enhanced" type="big" url="" window=""]
[feature] Includes all “Basic” Package Features [/feature]
[feature] Additional Coding for Product Information Pages [/feature]
[feature] Greater Number of Custom Tabs [/feature]
[feature] Multiple Locations (does not include additional Apps for each location) [/feature]
[pricing price="1,997.00" currency="$" title="Premium" desc="Ad Server Integration" moretext="Premium" url="" window=""]
[feature] ”Enhanced” Package Features Plus… [/feature]
[feature] Custom Tab Design [/feature]
[feature] Custom Header Images [/feature]
[feature] Mobile Ad Server Integration [/feature]
[feature] Additional Customized Components [/feature]

Mobile App Package


Maintenance & Management

[pricing price="47.00" currency="$" title="Monthly" desc="Managed For You" moretext="Monthly" url="" window=""]
[feature] App Hosting [/feature]
[feature] One Change Per Month [/feature]
[feature] 3 Push Notifications Sent For You [/feature]
[feature] Monthly App Analytics Report [/feature]
[pricing price="147.00" title="Monthly Plus" desc="Managed Extra" moretext="Monthly Plus" type="big" url="" window=""]
[feature] App Hosting [/feature]
[feature] Up to Five Changes Per Month [/feature]
[feature] 10 Push Notifications Sent For You [/feature]
[feature] Monthly App Analytics Report [/feature]
[feature] Eligible to be Featured on “Local Market Apps” Website [/feature]

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