• How long will it take to build my app?
    Each app is custom built to our clients’ specifications. After you have filled out our simple online form listing what features you would like, and have provided us with all company information you would like included, your app will be ready within 5 business days.
  • How do my customers get the my app?
    For Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile platforms, the end-user gets an email, opens the email on the device, clicks on a link and the app installs right then over the air. iPhone users will find and download the app in the iPhone App Store. Users with any platform that has a web browser can click on the mobile browser link in the email and view the app.
  • After my App is completed and approved, is it immediately available and distributed to Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile users?
    Yes, in about one minute or less to users for whom you already have email addresses.
  • When will my App be available through the App Store?
    Submission to the Apple App Store and approval takes between two and four weeks. When your app is approved and posted to the Apple App Store, we will send an e-mail, including a link to the app, directly to you.
  • How does the content on the application get updated?
    When changes are made to the content, the next time the user opens the application, it checks for updates and pulls the update over-the-air.
  • Why would a small business want to develop a smartphone application?
    Consider the rise of the Internet back in the 90s. Many small businesses struggled to understand the benefits of having a Web site to promote their business. And even if they did understand the value, they didn’t know how to go about creating a Web site or what content to propagate the site with. Today, mobile is becoming the de-facto communication engagement tool which presents significant business opportunities.While many small businesses and organizations understand the value that smartphones offer to engage directly with key audiences, they have been largely excluded from the smartphone application development space due to lack of resources (i.e. IT staff or development expertise and constrained budgets) with no viable option to deliver a mobile application to their target audiences.

  • Examples:
    Say you’re the owner of a regional chain of children’s toy stores. You could create and distribute a smartphone application to remind customers about your store locations, hours and special offers or sales for that busy mom looking to pick up a last-minute birthday gift for their child’s classmate in between chauffeuring them to soccer practice and swim lessons.
    Another example could be the owner of a yoga studio who wants to create an application that offers the latest class descriptions, times, instructor information, pricing, guest policy, etc. to that on-the-go customer who decides to drop into a yoga class at the last minute.
    Another user scenario could include a wholesaler. You’re the owner of a BBQ ribs company and you want to keep your sales force up-to-date on your company’s specials and inventory. You could build a smartphone application that enables you to push out relevant sales information to your employees working in the field who need the latest information in a single click.

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